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HOME STAGING is a new service we offer area real estate professionals and home owners. Our main goal is to lend our knowledge and experience in curating timeless design that glorifies a property’s potential by painting a picture of what a homeowner’s life could look like living in the home. We strive for our staging to result in a buyer walking into a property, taking one look, and saying, “Ahhh. This is exactly what I am looking for.” SOLD!

experts in curating the right items for staging

We take extra care in curating furniture and accessories for staging that will help to enhance the value of the homes we stage. We don’t simply buy bargain items from big-box stores, but concentrate on gathering a variety of new and vintage furniture, accessories, textiles and artwork that work together to create a timeless eclectic style to make homes feel cozy, lived in and inviting. The extra touches are what makes the difference. Bringing together the right combination helps to ensure potential buyers can walk into a room and instantly feel right at home. Having a unique mix of classic and modern accessories keeps us flexible to fit a variety of home styles and also stay current with ever-changing trends. 

occupied home design consultation

Dining/Living Room

We also offer design consultation services for occupied homes to help you with design and space planning projects as well. From one or two rooms to an entire home, our in-home consultations usually take up to 2 hours and can include ideas on furniture layout, curb appeal, interior and exterior paint colors, artwork and accessories, window treatments, lighting, as well as other tricks of the design and staging trade. For consultations in preparation to listing a home for sale we can also discuss items to add, remove, or change in each space. A written design recommendation summary will be provided upon consultation completion.

the stats are in

We’ve learned from many area real estate professionals there is great value in staging a home when it goes on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors [NAR], 82% of buyers’ agents say that staging has a significant impact on a buyer’s ability to visualize a property as their home — a most important step that leads to a sale. With staging, you minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives of a property to make the best impression.

  • Every $100 a buyer spends on staging yields $400 in return on that investment, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s a big return for a minimal expense.

  • First impressions are everything. Nearly all (99%) of millennial home buyers begin their search for a new home online, according to NAR’s research. And 40% of buyers are more likely to follow up with a walk-through visit to a staged home they find online. Staging really helps put forth the best first impression to make your property stand out.

  • Once staged, homes spend 73% less time on the market, according to the Home Staging Institute. Even in a good market, that means your homes will likely sell faster and for a higher price than a home that is not staged.

  • A recent survey from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals showed that staging increased the sale price by 20% on average, so spending a little generates a BIG RETURN! 

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We’d love the opportunity to stage your home. Please contact us for our rate sheet and additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!