Stay Home — Stay Safe!

Jay Brooks

Hey friends! We hope you areOur Family Room all doing well during this crazy time. It's safe to say that none of us has ever been through anything quite like this international pandemic before. We're all trying to find our way through this new "normal" in which we find ourselves living right now. Michigan has been under a "Stay Home — Stay Safe" order for the past few weeks, which will likely continue for a while yet. We're all working hard to get through this as best we can given the circumstances.

Fortunately, we enjoy staying at home. Don't get me wrong, we constantly go, go, go during the course of our normal everyday lives, but we really enjoy relaxing at home at the end of a long day. There's really nothing better than arriving home to a couple of dogs who seem genuinely overjoyed that we've returned at long last! And in the evenings, we like hanging out with them on our comfy sectional with our feet up on the ottoman watching a movie or one of our favorite guilty-pleasure shows. It's just what we like to do. No apologies!

Barbara and I got married in the mid 80s. We've always shared a lot of the same interests and love spending time with each other. Even before we dated we would run into each other at the mall and talk about what was happening on one of our favorite TV shows. At that time she was dating another guy who would get completely annoyed by our shared interest in a show he cared little about. But our similar interests, and their eventual breakup, would open the door for us to discover how much we'd enjoy spending time together doing things we both loved. Before long, we were making wedding plans.

One of those things we loved doing together early on in our marriage was going to antique markets and shopping for fun things to make our home unique and cozy — a place where we loved to hang out. In those early years, we collected quite a few vintage treasures we'd repurpose into more useable things to decorate our home. At the time it was an economical option for furnishing rooms, but now, more than 35 years later, many of those things have become part of the story of our lives!

So, it's no wonder that we enjoy spending time at home today. We're surrounded with a lifetime of collected treasures that trigger memories of fun times we've had with each other, our now grown children, and family and friends through the years. We decorate our home with the things we love, which helps to make it our happy place!

We hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones during this time of "stay home" orders. We certainly miss seeing all of our friends and neighbors at our stores while they are closed. We miss our team, which has become like a family. We miss the baby strollers and pups. We miss hearing about your vacations, coming and going. We miss your curiosity about what’s new and what’s coming. We miss having the doors of our little shop open with the breeze flowing through. It will all come back. And when it does, we will appreciate it all more than ever!

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